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About Our Club

History of Our Club

The late Bob Todd is the founder of  our  Judo Club.

Bob began judo at the Melbourne YMCA in 1951 under Jack Cox. The YMCA was one of the earliest judo clubs in Australia and for many years until it closed down was one of the strongest, it was responsible for training many of the players who went on to become some of Australia's leading coaches. On gaining his 1st. dan in 1960 Bob and his partner Wally Mclean opened the Prahran Judo club in the Toorak Railway Siding and in a very short time they had established a very strong club. After many years and having to move the Dojo several times Bob moved out to the Nunawading Centre and as a result the club became the Nunawading Recreation Centre Judo Club. Consequence changed the name of the club to the Nunawading Judo Club.

In the year 2000 when the centre was turned into an educational centre Bob moved to Ashwood and renamed his club.

Judo Club Charter

During his many years in judo Bob has trained under a number of famous instructors, such as Professor Shinojima 9th. Dan who was head of the Kodokan Childrens Section, Isao Inokuma who was the Olympic Champion (1964) and world champion. Another was Don Draegar who was renowned throughout the Judo world for his knowledge of Kata.

The club charter is to pass on the skills and techniques that have been passed down by many of the famous Judo contributors over the years.


Our Club Officers

Frank Dando is the owner of Frank Dando Sports Academy which was the DOJO used by Shinojimakai Judo Club. The late Bob  Todd retired in 2012 and handed back the club name to Frank Dando.


Pictured Above Frank Dando and Bob Todd. Both are 7th Dan Judo black belts.

Bob Todd with 2nd Dan Black belts

Bob Todd is standing between two of his 3rd Dan Black belt students.