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Self Defence training

Specialised self defence training for all.

Self defence skills are taught at the club and a self defence program can be tailored for your specific requirements. Self defence skills are taught to men, woman, and children.

People pursuing other sporting activities can benifit from learning martial art skills which help to prevent injuries that might occur as a result of falling down.

We have tailored programs for people who are in the Security industry to help them develop skills to be able to subdue an person using martial arts to help minimize risks to themselves and the attacker.

We have also developed training for footballers by providing them with specific martial arts skills that help prevent injuries that can occur from falling down during the sport.

This is a course that provides woman with skills and methods which will help woman defend themselves against physical attacks.

Many children have been subjected to school yard abuse. Skills taught at the club help the children develop skills that increase the children's self defence skills. This increases the children's confidence during conflict situations.

Skills taught are to avoid all conflict situations but to be able to respond to a situation with confidence. Confidence will develop because the student will practice the appropriate response; therefore the defense skill should become automatic.