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Childrens Judo


Childrens Judo 
Children Judo available on Thursday's at the club. 
Children ages start at 4 years old up to 16 years of age. 
The club specialises in pre Judo activities for children under five. This training promotes hand eye co-ordination and develops the required skills for Judo (and other sports) in a fun way using many different games. Its a form of Gym with a martial arts focus. 
The club has a number of children who participate in weekly training and also participate in Victorian State Judo training. Some of the children also enter National Judo competitions.
The club promotes all levels of Judo for children, not all children will want to reach Olympic level Judo but some will. Our club delivers the coaching to meet each childs training requirements.
Many of the clubs children recently participated in the Victoria Schools Judo Tournament held on the 22nd of August 2005. Students from around Australia participated in this competion with large teams from  from Tasmania and New Zealand. 

Victorian School Judo Competition 2005



Our Yellow belt touthless tiger.


two of the under six students and coach



Just turn up to the club to watch or to participate in a free 1st trial lesson.